Name Change

My novel has a new name! When I began writing it in October 2016, my temporary working title was Scarface. Obviously, given the famous Al Pacino movie of the same name, that was not a viable choice for the long term. At some point in late spring 2017, I renamed it The Chokecherry Tree. When you read the book, you will see why that name makes sense, but there was something about it I didn’t like. It wasn’t a name that would lead a person to pull my book off a shelf. Also, I learned that few people had ever heard of chokecherry trees. I just couldn’t think of a title I like better.

On the advice of a friend, I wrote out the major themes of my novel. It became apparent to me that beauty, in its myriad aspects and levels, is really the focus of the novel. So I decided to rename my book Beautiful. I do not promise not to change the title again, but for now, I like Beautiful; I feel it passes the “pull my book off the shelf” test.

So far as I can tell after extensive research on Amazon and Goodreads, there are no other books with “Beautiful” in the title that a reasonable person would confuse with my novel.

What do you think of my new, improved book title? I’m pretty excited about it!

3 thoughts on “Name Change

    1. So far, 100% of my follower (ha!) prefers “The Chokecherry Tree” over “Beautiful.” Well, it’s still early enough in the process that you might end up with your tree after all. I’m thinking about getting some professional help, which in this case would involve an editor rather than a psychologist.


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