Beautiful is the story of Cara, a seventeen-year-old homeless girl, scarred on her face and in her soul, whose wish is to finish high school without drawing unwanted attention. Then Cara meets Adam and his family, and for the first time in her young life, she’s hopeful for a new, better existence. But when Cara and Adam’s younger sister are alone during a violent home invasion that ends in the death of the two perpetrators, a police detective wants to know how it was that two violent, armed men died while a teen and a preteen girl were unharmed. Later, when the Russian mob hijacks the younger girl’s school bus to retrieve a package the bus driver has hidden, the girl has time for one text…to Cara, who’d protected her once before. This time Cara nearly dies, and now she’s attracted the attention of the FBI agent on the case as well as the burning enmity of an angry mob boss. Cara has lived for years on her own, but now she’ll need to learn to trust and accept the help of Adam and some unlikely allies in order to survive. The trouble is that if people get too close to her, they might learn her secret. And that, for sure, would be catastrophic!

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